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October's Job Market: Tech Sector Thrives Amid Economic Changes

In this analysis of the October Jobs Report, released Friday 11/3, we explore the employment dynamics, economic shifts, and the resilient tech sector. Let's delve into the implications, from general employment trends to the intricacies of the technology industry.

General Employment Trends:

The US job market added 150,000 jobs in October, with the national unemployment rate showing a slight increase to 3.9%. This continues a sub-4% streak that has persisted since January 2022. Key contributors to this job growth included the healthcare, government, and social assistance sectors. However, the manufacturing sector faced a downturn primarily due to strikes.

Tech Industry Employment Growth:

The tech sector continued to show its strength as it welcomed an estimated 2,159 new employees. This trend was consistent with the year-long growth pattern. Notably, the initial decline reported in tech industry employment figures from the previous month was revised positively following recent data revisions by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The tech sector's unemployment rate remained remarkably low at 2.1%, in stark contrast to the national unemployment rate of 3.9%.

In-Demand Tech Job Roles:

The tech sector exhibited a strong demand for specific job roles, including software developers/engineers, IT project managers, data analysts, IT support specialists, and system analysts & engineers. An interesting trend was the tech industry's growing interest in artificial intelligence (AI) positions and skills, even though they represented a relatively small share of the overall tech hiring activity.

Geographical Trends:

Exploring various regions, we discovered intriguing local market dynamics:

  • Denver: With a 3.3% unemployment rate, Denver ranked 17th among metro markets for tech job postings.

  • DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth): DFW showcased a 3.9% unemployment rate and secured the 3rd position among metro markets for tech job postings. Notably, Texas as a whole ranked as the #2 state in tech job postings.

  • Austin: Austin's unemployment rate stood at 3.6%, securing the 14th spot among metro markets for tech job postings.

  • Houston: With a 4.4% unemployment rate, Houston held the 12th position among metro markets for tech job postings.

Remote Work and Emerging Tech Skills:

The tech job landscape continued to integrate remote work opportunities, making up approximately 20% of job postings. Additionally, there was a growing emphasis on emerging tech skills, especially in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).


In the October Jobs Report, the job market demonstrated resilience, while the tech sector excelled. Tech professionals with skills in software development, data analysis, and AI remained in high demand. For tech enthusiasts, adaptability and skill enhancement are crucial. Employers should remain flexible to secure top tech talent, whether they prefer in-person or remote work arrangements. Staying informed and agile is key to success in the tech job market.

About IQ Clarity

At IQ Clarity, we understand the challenges employers face in finding the right IT professionals to meet their business needs. That's why our team offers comprehensive IT recruiting solutions that streamline the hiring process and connect employers with top talent. With our extensive network of skilled IT professionals, employers can access a pool of pre-screened candidates and make data-driven hiring decisions. Trust IQ Clarity to be your partner in navigating the dynamic IT job market and finding the perfect fit for your IT needs.

About Ted Hellmuth

As the Founder & GM of IQ Clarity, Ted is continuously seeking to disrupt the technology recruiting industry. He has over fifteen years of experience helping Colorado companies find solutions to their most complex technology and talent acquisition initiatives. Prior to starting IQ Clarity, he was a Talent Acquisition Consultant for Comcast / NBCUniversal. He also spent more than a decade with one of the world’s largest staffing firms. Ted received a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Colorado at Boulder and his MBA from the University of Colorado at Denver. While he is not scouring the web for top engineering talent, Ted enjoys spending time in the mountains with his wife and three children.


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